Slip Resistance, by InvisaTread®

Slip resistance has been the responsibility of property managers, flooring specialists, home owners, architects and designers for years. When looking for slip resistance solutions for their hard surfaces including slippery tile they’ve turned to the InvisaTread® family of products. They know that InvisaTread® slip resistance helps to protect against the risk of slip and fall accidents in homes and commercial spaces spaces by increasing the (CoF) to make floors safer. InvisaTread® is not a coating but a revolutionary chemical etching process that utilizes some of  the same chemicals found in women’s cosmetics so they are safe and effective.

InvisaTread® has been lab tested to significantly increase slip resistance by raising the coefficient of friction (COF) on wet or dry surfaces  including slippery tile without changing the color or apparent texture. Simply sponge mop or spray on, let stand and RINSE AWAY! Protection for all your flooring surfaces is just that simple.

We suggest that you thoroughly clean each surface before and after application with our own eco-friendly cleaner / degreaser TractionWash™, a highly engineered floor wash formulated to not leave any residue that might reduce the increased COF on your flooring surfaces.

Our TractionCote™ and TractionCotePRO™ products are designed to work in the home in bathrooms, kitchens and showers to keep those areas safe and protect your family members from potential hazards on flooring that has a tendency to become wet at times. Our Pro product comes in 9 different colors and is ideally suited for commercial spaces such as: warehouses, loading docks, ramps and docks, while our Outdoor product protects your pool and patio spaces so you can walk with confidence.

InvisaTread® understands that in larger more commercial spaces such as: hotels, casinos, grocery stores, restaurants, or large commercial spaces you may want the assistance of our expert installers. To find out more about  these services we encourage you to contact us and tell us what you’re up to and one of our experts will be in touch with you to talk specifics. Simply follow this link and we will be in touch.

What Else? You can BUY our slip resistance products ONLINE, anywhere in the United States.

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